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Read the Signs: It's time for a New EHR

Posted by Patrick Stevenson on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 04:35 PM

As many of you might have noticed in the news lately, there has been a lot of talk about physicians and their satisfaction with electronic health records (EHRs). Numerous articles and surveys pop up every day discussing the overall happiness level of practices and providers who have implemented an EHR in their office. Obviously, it’s a rich topic. In fact, I recently came across a blog post about the “7 signs it’s time to switch EHRs.” http://www.physicianspractice.com/blog/seven-signs-its-time-switch-ehrs. I think those are great points, and I want to explain why Hello Health might be your best option if you are switching. And, if you don’t currently have an EHR, this might help you make the right decision the first time.


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The Online Search for an EHR

Posted by Patrick Stevenson on Thu, Oct 10, 2013 @ 10:20 AM

If you are among the half of primary care doctors who have yet to purchase an EHR, you are feeling pressure to decide if an EHR is part of your practice’s future and which EHR is right for you and your patients. Because there are more than 365 EHR companies in existence, and I am sure you don’t want to spend each day looking at a different system, you will likely turn to the web. Just like in your personal life, you will most likely “Google it”. You are not alone; there are over 21,000 searches each month (and 250,000 each year) in the United States for EHR or Electronic Health Records, according to Google Adwords.

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Choosing an EHR Vendor: Are You Viable?

Posted by Stephen Armstrong on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 11:26 AM

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to electronic health record (EHR) vendors. While the actual number is hard to confirm, there are literally hundreds. A look at one Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) approved certifier’s list indicates 469 different solutions that have met Stage 1 of Meaningful Use. So how to choose?

The latest data suggest that the first choice, however it was made, may not have been the right one. In a recent survey by Black Book Market Research, fully 23 percent of practices are unhappy enough to consider seeking a replacement to their current EHR. When you consider how busy today’s practices are, how much pressure they face to maintain − let alone grow − their revenues, as well as manage their costs, it is daunting to think that they must also find time to search a congested category of technology solutions once more. And this time with no margin for error.

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