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Inspiration Abounds – HIT Innovators Take Note

Posted by Stephen Armstrong on Fri, Nov 30, 2012 @ 10:07 AM

Dr. Joseph Murray passed away earlier this week. Until I heard a brief summary of his life and contributions on the radio, I was unaware of this Nobel prize-winning doctor who pioneered the first successful human kidney transplant in 1954. As I heard about his contributions to health care and the way he approached his work, it struck me how much we have to learn from him as an innovator.

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Empowering the People with Patient Portals

Posted by Steven Ferguson on Tue, Nov 06, 2012 @ 01:25 PM

Whether Republican or Democrat, most people can agree that one of the best things about living in America is the freedom to be an active participant in the political system.  No matter your political affiliation, your ability to get out and have a say in the future of your country is one of the greatest liberties you are afforded as an American.  Wouldn’t it be nice if, in the same way, patients were given the opportunity to be active participants in their own health care? Now, thanks to the modern efficiency of patient portals, they can. Just like any American has the opportunity to walk up to a poll booth and cast their ballot, patients can portal their way to better communication with their health care providers.

A surefire way for a doctor to increase chances of success in a practice is through patient engagement and empowerment. The health care system nationwide is striving to give more responsibility and ownership to patients of their medical care. Instead of stripping the doctor and patient from control, the world of medicine opens its own sort of poll booth through patient portals like the one Hello Health offers, inviting the patient to step up and have a say in his or her own health care.

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