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Primary Care Doctor 2.0: A New Look at a Long-Standing Profession

Posted by Patrick Stevenson on Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 09:21 AM

The world of the primary care doctor has been rapidly changing and will continue to do so over
the coming years. Insurance concerns, higher patient expectations about care, an expansion in services provided and a decline in reimbursements are all prompting the need for primary care physicians to find new ways to stay successful and grow their practices as a result. Being a primary care doctor is not easy and I applaud those who follow their calling in the face of these and other health care challenges.

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Happy New Revenue™!

Posted by Stephen Armstrong on Tue, Jan 08, 2013 @ 10:50 AM

My family enjoys a little tradition each year that has been passed down through the
 generations. Each New Year’s Eve, we step outside our home and each member of our family places a few quarters, dimes, nickels and even pennies outside of the front door. They get tucked away under a pot, behind a bush or around a corner out of view. Then come New Year’s morning, we return to bring the coins inside our home in the hopes of prosperity for the next 12 months. Occasionally, a coin gets left behind because it was hidden too well or perhaps found by the neighbor’s dog, but nonetheless the New Year starts with New Revenue!

For our Hello Health customers, their practice benefits in the same way --albeit the revenue is considerably higher and revenue generation comes throughout the year; not just on a single day.

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